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논문 상세정보

臺灣 所藏 日本 近世活字의 印刷技術 硏究

A Study on Modern Typography of Japanese Edition in Taiwan

서지학연구 no.58 , 2014년, pp.147 - 177   http://dx.doi.org/10.17258/jib.2014..58.147

(1) There are eleven editions of Japanese modern type collected in Taiwan.(2) The material for the type was all wood. The type-making technique is mostly craftsman calligraphic style. The carving technique is in small variance and mostly clean. One edition is script style and it reflects the writing style. The character touch demonstrates a wide variance in the quality. Its technical level is middle-upper grade.(3) The typesetting technique shows evenly aligned vertical and lateral stripes of character trace. There is a wide variance in character skewedness and ink color thickness. Some editions show many typos, possibly skipping correction process. The technical level is middle-upper grade.(4) The brushing technique shows some inconsistency in ink color thickness. There is a great variance in chinese ink spreads, inadvertent marks of ink on the paper, and double printing from no incidence to many incidences. The technical level is middle-middle grade.(5) The typography level is middle-upper grade.

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