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논문 상세정보

Navigation of autonomous mobile robot using adaptive network based fuzzy inference system

Navigation of autonomous mobile robot using adaptive network based fuzzy inference system

Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology v.28 no.7 , 2014년, pp.2859 - 2866  
Prases K. Mohanty, Dayal R. Parhi

Intelligent soft computing techniques such as fuzzy inference system (FIS), artificial neural network (ANN) and adaptive neuro-fuzzyinference system (ANFIS) are proven to be efficient and suitable when applied to a variety of engineering systems. The hallmark of thispaper investigates the application of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) to path generation and obstacle avoidance for anautonomous mobile robot in a real world environment. ANFIS has also taken the advantages of both learning capability of artificial neuralnetwork and reasoning ability of fuzzy inference system. In this present design model different sensor based information such as frontobstacle distance (FOD), right obstacle distance (ROD), left obstacle distance (LOD) and target angle (TA) are given input to the adaptivefuzzy controller and output from the controller is steering angle (SA) for mobile robot. Using ANFIS tool box, the obtained mean ofsquared error (MSE) for training data set in the current paper is 0.031. The real time experimental results also verified with simulationresults, showing that ANFIS consistently perform better results to navigate the mobile robot safely in a terrain populated by variety obstacles.

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