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논문 상세정보

문화정책의 생태계적 접근에서 인문학적 관점의 필요성: 장애예술의 사례에 근거한 시론(試論

The Necessity of Humanistic Perspective in the Ecosystem Approach of Cultural Policy: A Case Study of Disability Arts

美學(미학) no.78 , 2014년, pp.377 - 412  

Since ‘cultural flourishment’ became one of the four government principles of the current Korean government, and ‘promoting humanisticㆍspiritual culture’ was officially adopted as an action plan to realize the principle, the interest in the importance of humanistic perspective in cultural policy has arisen. However, behind the scene, it has been rarely noted how ‘promoting humanisticㆍspiritual culture’ can contribute to achieving the strategic objective of ‘promoting culture and the arts’, and thereby to realizing the principle of ‘cultural flourishment’. To address this issue, this article aims to explain why humanistic perspective is essentially required to promote culture and the arts, with the example of the ‘ecosystem approach’ which has recently grown into a new trend in the Korean cultural policy field. The article starts by examining the historical and conceptual context of the ecosystem approach. It will help clarify the significance and features of the approach as well as the process through which the concept has been elevated into a key word in Korean cultural policy. On this ground, with the case study of disability arts in Korea, I will proceed to show that the ecosystem approach is very useful in formulating and implementing government policy, not only for nurturing ICT or content industries, but also for culture and the arts; and, more importantly, that the usefulness of the approach can be guaranteed only when humanistic perspective, as fundamental understanding of human and culture, is centered on it.

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