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논문 상세정보

1910년대 순종의 창덕궁 생활과 行幸 연구

A Study on the Emperor Sun-jong's life of the Palace and Pageant in the 1910s

조선시대사학보 no.69 , 2014년, pp.295 - 324  

This paper will examine how Emperor Sun-jong and the Royal family to be assimilation of the Japanese Governing Logic of in the 1910s. It will focus on how they in accordance with intentionally of Sun-jong's life of the Palace and Pageant in the 1910s. First of all, I intensively analyzed of Japanese Government-General was used the traditional rite of Joseon Dynasty. In addition, I gingerliness described the Great Han Emperor family were not isolated coercive measures, and then they were tacit agreement with Japanese Imperial Governing Logic.The Great Han Empire fell in 1910, and then annexing by Japan. As we know, the Era of 1910s in Korea was reign of Japanese Colonial period. And Great Han Empire family belong to be Japanese imperial family. After the forceful annexing Korea by Japan, the imperial family of the Great Han Empire was demoted rank than the Japanese imperial family. There are new name was called Yiwang-ga or Yi Royal family. The Japanese government and Chosun Sotokufu is to manage Yi-wangga was inscribed directly configure. So they constructed of Yi Household.In February of 1911, Yi Household was installed as an organization to handle the affairs related to Yi Royal-Family. This organization was descended from Gungnaebu[宮內府] of Great Han Empire, which took charge of the affairs of Emperor family. The most of the things was traditional of Joseon Dynasty rite and Royal family life.In the 1910s, Yi Royal family, including the colonies, but they lived same of life in the Great Han Empire period. Sun-jong is the same as the Great Han Empire, especially the royal residence, and was the ritual and Pageant. Above all the functions carried out in 1917 Hamhung palace of the Joseon Dynasty tombs of their ancestors were worshiped. When mausoleum going of Sun-jong, Yi Household used the imperial rituals, such as Pageant to the Great Han Empire was used. That was as long as the Pageant of the imperial ritual, People believed the King, living colonies tolerated and will adapt. This is intended hidden plans of Japanese rulers.

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