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논문 상세정보

도산구곡 자연・문화요소의 관광자원화를 위한 가치 및 활성화방안 연구

A Study on the Value and Revitalization Method for Tourism Resources of Nature and Cultural Elements in Dosangugok

지역사회연구 v.22 no.2 , 2014년, pp.243 - 264  
박은희, 이재근

Dosangugok is located in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Andong-si, Dosan-myun. It was created symbolically for pupils of Teogye Lee Hwang to commemorate him and to inherit his learning and numerous travel essays and poems are being passed down even today. Also, as Dosangugok being a complex tourism resources blending of architecture and beautiful natural scenery, it is time to created a tourism network connecting the site with surrounding elements. Therefore, it would be necessary to develop various programs based on the ecological value, nature, and superb scenery, and to prepare regular events to induce tourists to revisit by using created images of confucianism, developing characters, and using local specialties. Moreover, it would be possible to operate traditional culture experience using the head house created and scattered around as a unique history tourism site of Dosan-myeon in connection with cultural relics. In this regard, it would be necessary to improve inconvenient traffic system, construct convenient facilities as commentators and guide-boards, and designate an appropriate view point for sequence of views. However, Dosangugok needs to be appointed as a place of scenic beauty and protect the place to prevent indiscriminate development.

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