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논문 상세정보

직종특성별 과잉학력에 따른 임금효과 및 지역 간 비교

Differential Wage Effects of Over-education among Four Distinct Occupational Classes and Regional Comparison

국토계획 v.49 no.3 , 2014년, pp.255 - 277  
박유진, 이희연

Earlier papers have found overeducated workers suffer wage penalty compared with their counterparts who retain equivalent degrees but are not overeducated in their jobs. However, overeducated individuals reveal considerable heterogeneity in terms of skill, creativity, and other abilities. This paper investigates differential wage effects of overeducated workers among four distinct occupational classes. As results of the research, about 60-80% of those university or college degree holders overeducated were employed in low-skilled jobs. But over 90% of those postgraduates workers overeducated were concentrated in highly-educated or high-skilled jobs. The positive wage effect of overeducation for the high-educated and high skilled class was higher than any other occupational classes. The wage parameter of surplus years of schooling of the low-skilled and low-educated in ORU wage equation was much lower than that of required years of schooling. There were two contrast types of regional overeducation patterns, one with high probability of overeducation but with highest stocks of high-skilled jobs, and the other having higher level of overeducation but most of them engaged in low-skilled occupations. This paper gives some implications that overeducation wage penalty could be outperformed by workers’ actual abilities if they are assigned to knowledge-based jobs.

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