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논문 상세정보

조레스의 반전(反戰)과 프롤레타리아: 1907년 슈투트가르트 인터내셔널 대회에 주목하여

The Antimilitarism of Jaurès and His Proletariat : the Stuttgart International Socialist Congress of 1907

마르크스주의 연구 v.11 no.3 , 2014년, pp.40 - 69   http://dx.doi.org/10.26587/marx.11.3.201408.002

Despite the outbreak of the First World War, the struggle of Europeansocialism to prevent such a catastrophe was not futile. The SecondInternational(1889~1914) had a firm belief that war is caused by capitalistcompetition and militarism, which harms the proletariat. The Resolution of the1907 Stuttgart Congress was a milestone for that concentrated socialistmovement against the threat of war, even though participants dissented abouthow the International could fight war if it happened, especially for the adoptionof general strike as an effective way of action. French socialist leader Jean Jaureˋs(1859~1914), along with other socialists,relentlessly promoted the anti-war cause against capitalism and militarism. Forhim the proletariat should be protected from the menace of war because they aresuch a noble human being that enhance our civilization itself. At the same timehe had much confidence on the Socialist International who claims the right andsecurity of proletariat. This article explores how the unification of those ideaswas formed, and what internal and external difficulties the internationalsocialist movement actually faced. The constitutive four parts are theidentification of his proletariat, the scene of Stuttgart Congress, the conflictualrelation of German and French socialism and the meaning of l’Armeˊe nouvelle,Jaureˋs’ work on the military problem which is a planning of an entirereorganization of the army for the people, by the people and for a genuinedemocracy.

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