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논문 상세정보

「세 사람(三人)」에 나타난 여성묘사-「노처녀(老孃)」와의 비교를 통하여

Descriptions of Women in 「Three people(三人)」 -Through Comparison with「A Spinster(老孃)」-

일어일문학연구 v.90 no.2 , 2014년, pp.191 - 208   http://dx.doi.org/10.17003/jllak.2014.90.2.191

This study notes that, during the period called the second prelude of his life, there wasa change in the way Shimazaki Tōson viewed women; it was at this time that he met,fell in love with, and remarried kato Shizko. Focusing on Three Men, a representative workof this period, the study investigates the differences in how he described women bycomparing Three Men with A Spinster. Even though Three Men was published 20 yearsafter A Spinster, the two works both feature ‘agonies of elite women,' ‘a spa trip,' and'a spinster.' The study draws a few points from comparisons between the two works interms of outlook on marriage, gender awareness, and the evaluation of woman as modernman. First, in contrast with the idea in A Spinster, that the future of women is tied onlyto marriage, he expresses an altered view that marriage is just an option that women have,and their happiness depends not on marriage but on their own free will. Second, a womanin A Spinster cannot go beyond her own sexual instinct, regardless of her educationalbackground or personal history and winds up the victim of discrimination due to sexualdifference and thus is subjugated to a male. However, 20 years after A Spinster, femalecharacters are shown to lead their lives as independent beings with their own personalitiesand without any gender boundaries. Lastly, females in A Spinster resist the contradictionsof modern society in an extreme manner, but despair when they are faced with an immatureinner world. In contrast, females in Three Men don't need to be reckless in their resistance,since the women of this period were already acknowledged as true members of modernsociety. Rather, they strive towards their own inner maturity through self-awareness, whichwas regarded as the exclusive property of modern intellectuals. As indicated above, Shimazaki Tōson showed an outstanding leap in his awareness ofwomen after he met Shizko. Nevertheless, in this whole period, he still showed a mostlynegative attitude towards women in general. The reason for this might be that his continuedlife as a father, recollections of his homeland, and his position as a social leader remainedon the periphery of his mind and informed the trends of his later works.

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