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논문 상세정보

종교활동의 제한 기준에 대한 일본 판례의 시사점

Implication of the Japan Precedents on the Restriction Criteria of Religious Activities

법학연구 no.55 , 2014년, pp.135 - 152  

After the terrorist attacks in the subway by religious organizations in 1995, Japan revisedthe Religious Corporation Act. The main purpose was to monitor religious organizations incollaboration with the believers and the governmental authorities for transparent operationof religious organizations. However, in addition to this work, from around 2000, focusingon cases of lower court, it recognized tort liability of religious groups for the reason ofreligious self-determination violation in the course of missionary activities. Because thesecases have kept for 10 years, it is said to be the established case law. Even if they arereligious organizations, tort should be recognized in a separate and individual incident. However the case law in this case is not the same as an individual. That is, it's thequestion whether they have responsibility to cover damages or not after withdrawal ofbelievers who joined in the religious organizations, because the mission work andedification activities of that religious organizations were comprehensively illegal. There isnot a special law about religious organizations in our country currently. So this studymainly includes investigations of illegal activities occurred in the course of religiousactivities focusing on Japanese precedents. These religious groups recognized with theillegality have been criticized by Japanese society before precedents was formed. Also, afterthe terrorist attacks in the subway by religious groups in 1995, Social opinion, that legalrestrictions on religious organizations should be strengthened, has already formed. Thereforewe can know that Japanese cases are not formed in accordance with a special legislativebasis. We can understand Japanese cases are formed according to requirement forestablishment of civilly tort. In these aspects, I think these cases can be valuable referencesin our country.

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