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논문 상세정보

The Syntax of Po Tangle Numerals

The Syntax of Po Tangle Numerals

Journal of Universal Language v., 15 no.2 , 2014년, pp.35 - 54  
Mary Chimaobi Amaechi

This paper examines the endangered numerals of Po Tangle[taŋglɛ], a minority language spoken in four local government areas in Gombe State, north eastern Nigeria. The emphasis is onthe cardinal whole numbers. The study explores the structure of complex numerals which are derived from simple lexical ones using syntactic coordination and complementation. The study adopts the packing strategy framework of Hurford (1975, 1987,2003, 2007). This framework adopted applies very widely to numeral systems that uses syntactic constructions to signal multiplication and addition. It is found out that there is no overt marker for multiplicative arithmetic operation but there are two distinct markers for additive arithmetic operation, salai and ka,while the former is used for lower complex numerals in the base of ten, the latter is found in higher complex numerals of bases hundred and thousand.

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