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논문 상세정보

장・노년기의 삶에 미술활동이 미치는 의미와 가치

Impact of Art Expression Activities on the Meaning of Life in Old Age

교원교육 v.30 no.4 , 2014년, pp.105 - 122  
최혜민, 정현일

The purpose of this study is to explore an impact of art expression activities on the meaning of life in old age. In order to achieve this purpose, the researchers designed a qualitative study which is based on a participatory action research methodology to explore the value of participants' life. The community center in Songnam which is the research place is selected by considering accessibility of researcher, and 12 participants including 11 trainees and 1 instructor are chosen. Result of study derived by implementing participatory observation and in depth interviews are mentioned below. First, participants are more interested in amicable class atmosphere, and they related their life with their art work. Second, participants have sensed of accomplishment by improving professionalism with their own work and accepting recognized by others although they were rejected before only because they are old. Lastly, artistic activities of old ages can make participants' future life and it can help old ages to achieve self improvement.

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