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논문 상세정보

판소리 완창의 탄생과 변화

A Study on the Birth and Change of Pansori Full Version Singing Performance

판소리연구 no.38 , 2014년, pp.340 - 385  

The purpose of this study is to discuss the birth and change of pansori fullversion singing performance(완창). The results of this study are as belows.The full version singing performance of pansori was not original style of pansoriperformance. That could be easily assumed by the structure, performanceconventions and performance place of pansori. Major pansori performances fromformative period to the end 19th century were partial pansori singing performance(부분창). And full version singing performance was secondary.The modern pansori performance started on the western style theater calledHyeomryulsa(협률사) in 1902. The partial pansori singing was performed onthat stage. The western style performance could not accept the full version pansori.singing performance. The full version of pansori. is too long to perform at onceon one stage. So during the period of Japanese imperialism almost of all pansoriperformance was partial singing performance, which was performed in westernstyle theater with other traditional musics and dances. We can call it an omnibusperformance.Around 1960's, pansori. was at the brink of death. Because the audience ofpansori were continually decreasing on the one hand, and the singer who cansing a full version pansori became sparse on the other hand. In 1968, Bak Dong-jintried full version pansori singing performance. It won a great success. It broughtabout a sensational attention. After that performance many full version pansorisinging performance were designed like as Ppurigipeunnamu(Deep Rooted Tree)Pansori Concert, Gungnipgeukjjang(National Theater) Pansori Full VersionConcert, etc. Ppurigipeunnamu(Deep Rooted Tree) Pansori Concert contributedto reestablish the full version pansori. Gungnipgeukjjang(National Theater) PansoriFull Version Concert started in 1984. It has won the most authoritative full versionpansori concert for 30 years.In the middle of 1990's, pansori full version singing performance changed.The age of the singers became younger and younger. At last, the elementaryschoolchildren comprised the most part of that performance. So, many peopleclaim that pansori full version singing performance should be changed.In this study I suggested a serial singing performance as an alternative. Itwould be the true to the nature of pansori and make pansori performance moreartistic.

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