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논문 상세정보

쌍둥이를 지도하는 유아교사의 경험과 의미

The experience and meaning of early childhood teachers to teach the twins

열린유아교육연구 v.19 no.5 , 2014년, pp.167 - 190  
이은정, 이성희

This study aimed to understand and analyze the experiences and meanings of child teachers in the process of teaching twins in the same class. 8 kindergarten teachers and 2 day-care center teachers participated in this study, who had experiences of teaching twins in the same class. The data were collected from individual interviews, group interviews, observation diary, telephone counseling diary, and parent counseling diary. The result of data analysis were as follows. Regarding twin children's characteristics, twin children tended to have strong relationship as like close friends. Twins had jealousy and competitive relationship between them. Therefore, it is needed to guide twins to accumulate positive social experiences. And there was order between twins. Regarding teacher's experience to have twins in a class, first, teachers felt sorry to twins because they tended to consider twins as one child and sometime made comparison between twins. Second, teachers felt sorry to twins because they did not differentiate identical twins. Identical twins share the same gene, so it is difficult to differntiate them. Regarding coping strategies, first, teachers tried to keep a balance between twins. Teachers tried to be sensitive in dealing twins' individuality and difference through hanging their mind to consider twins not as' them', but as individual child. Finally, there were joyful factors in teaching twins. First, as teachers became to understand twins, their happiness became greater. Because the counseling time with twin parents took twice longer than other parents. Though deep conversation about twins, teachers could obtain useful tips to care for twins and could build co-operative relationship with twin parents. This study would provide basic information how to teach and care twins to child teachers through understanding twins characteristics.

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