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논문 상세정보

실행연구를 통한 진로저널 프로그램의 효과: 수능 직전 고3 학생을 중심으로

The Effects of Career-Journal Program by an Action Research for the 3rd-year Highschool Students

열린교육연구 v.22 no.4 , 2014년, pp.249 - 278  
이명희, 이제경

The research grasped the academic problem that there are few appropriate solutions for relieving intense stress of students who are about to take the college scholastic ability test. In this regard, this research had conducted CJP between March 2009 and August 2012. The first research was conducted in 2009, and fourteen 3rd year high school students were gathered. The second research was conducted in 2010, and 243 students participated the program. And the third research was conducted in 2011, and six participants took part in the CJP. In addition 17 research cooperators in total helped to prove the validity of the research. The research had been progressed by applying an action research method based on the qualitative paradigm with the utilization of mix of qualitative and quantitative research method. The results are as in the following. Firstly, processes of CJP from the first research to third research were formed into a spiral structure. Secondly, participants experienced effects of a career development, improvement of mental health, and preparation of the college scholastic ability test through CJP. Therefore meaning of this research is to broaden research methodology and suggest possible solutions for career program by appling action research methods which is already applied into various career program into CJP.

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