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논문 상세정보

공공부문 TQM 적용의 장애 요인과 성공 전략: 한국법무보호복지공단을 중심으로

Obstacles in Public Sector TQM and the Strategy to Succeed: Application on Korea Rehabilitation Agency

상업교육연구 v.28 no.6 , 2014년, pp.93 - 129  
이용욱, 김진민, 최성용, 박경배

This study is intended to improve the quality of nation-wide service by applying the TQM to the public sectors that have been steadily dealt with through the studies in the private sectors. Especially, it aimed to derive an increase of service satisfaction of suitors and to proceed quality management innovation of an organization through an application of TQM by Korea Rehabilitation Agency under the Ministry of Justice that provided welfare service for the suitors to lead a healthy life after returning to the society unlike most of the public sectors that targeted the public. Quality management innovation of the agency not only pursues to improve the treatment of suitors in society but also is directly and indirectly related to national security. Therefore, it is an important issue. Hereupon, this study is intended to analyze obstacle when applying TQM by the agency followed by suggesting plans designed to successfully realize TQM strategy through four aspects. First of all, innovative leadership of the CEO is required. Secondly, it is required to identify the characteristics of a customer followed by proceeding customized management of them. Third, it is needed to continuously research and develop a new business that satisfies the demands of customers that are diversified according to the changes in the time period and also to seek for strategies and tactics to improve the quality of service. Fourth, it is required to well maintain the partnership with related organizations.

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