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논문 상세정보

IncotermsⓇ 2010 DDP 규칙의 FTA 비즈니스 모델 활용사례와 시사점

The Case and Its Implications of the FTA Business Model using DDP Rule in the IncotermsⓇ 2010

관세학회지 v.15 no.4 , 2014년, pp.163 - 182  

Under the IncotermsⓇ 2010 DDP rule, the seller is responsible for arranging carriageand delivering the goods at the named place, cleared for import and all applicable taxesand duties paid(e.g. VAT). This rule places the maximum obligation on the seller, and isthe only rule that requires the seller to take responsibility for import clearance andpayment of taxes and/or import duty. These last requirements can be highly problematicfor the seller. In some countries, import clearance procedures are complex andbureaucratic, and so best left to the buyer who has local knowledge. The purpose of thisstudy is to examine the case and its implications of the FTA business model using DDPrule in the IncotermsⓇ 2010. Results of the study show that several implications based onthe case are offered. The Korean firms need to do the following: legal status of theintroduction and guidance note of IncotermsⓇ 2010, aware of the costs arising from trade,state of place of delivery of goods, provide of documents that match the contract of sale,confirm of import customs clearance of import country, understand of product specificorigin decision criteria, confirm of direct transport requirements and prepare for originverification.

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