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논문 상세정보

대기업의 전략적 인적자원개발 활동 유형과 개인 및 조직 특성의 관계

Relationship between Types of Strategic Human Resource Development Activity and Individual and Organizational Characteristics perceived by HRD practitioners in Large Corporations

기업교육과인재연구 v.16 no.2 , 2014년, pp.25 - 56  
정보영, 이찬

The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship between individual and organizational characteristics of HRD practitioners after developing strategic human resource development (SHRD) activities and identifying the level of SHRD activities. To achieve the purpose, based on advanced researches, SHRD activities measurement items were developed after reliability and validity was tested, latent group within the respondents was researched through latent profile analysis(LPA), χ2-test was used to examine the relationship between SHRD activities between individuals and organizational characteristics. For the purpose of empirical analysis HRD practitioners in Top 30 group companies in Korea, a questionnaire was used as a research tools and total of 263 questionnaires were used for the final analysis. The result of the study were as follows: the levels of sub-factors of SHRD activities were ‘integration of organizational strategy and HRD’, strategic partnership’, ‘construction of HRD performance system’, and ‘construction of organizational performance improvement system. The result of LPA is as follows: SHRD activities types were classified into 3 types of ‘low level of SHRD activities’, ‘middle level of SHRD activities’, and ‘high level of SHRD activities’. Also the levels of SHRD activities perceived by HRD practitioners in large corporation showed differences for the age, position, length of service, HRD career, HRD organization form, HRD department structure, and industrial classification. Based on the conclusion, some recommendations for further research were suggested in this research.

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