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논문 상세정보

기능주의를 바탕으로 실험된 타이포그래피 표현 사례 연구 -시각 수사 중심으로

Typography Experimentation Expression Analysis in Functionalism -Based on Visual Rhetoric-

기초조형학연구 v.15 no.6 , 2014년, pp.451 - 464  
이수진, 김수정

Typography in general is divided two ways in making the form, one of them is typography asimages, called experimental typographyand another is typography for focusing on legibility,called functionalism. Experimental typography is usually to ignore the readability and legibilityand is art and ways of expression in itself, so it has a weakness that is hard to communicate. On the other hand, functionalism typography relies on the legibility to delivery text, so it hasa limit of visual expression. Therefore, this study deals with typography experimentationbased on functionalism, that is between extremely experimental typography and functionalismtypography, also analyzes objects and effects based on the verbal and visual rhetoric figurescatalogued by Gui Bonsipe. This rhetoric is consisted of syntatic, semantic and pragmatic figure. Firstly syntactic figure is described by transposition, ellipsis and repetition. Transposition figureeffects on interpretation to deeply understand the text, ellipsis and repetition lead to variousinterpretation. Secondly, semantic figure is described by contrary, similarity and substitution. Contrary figure helps audiences to interpretate variously, similarity and substitution leadto obvious interpretation. Lastly pragmatic figure embodies characters of texts, leading oneffective legibility. As a result, typography experimentation expression by functionalism thoughrhetorical approachcreates effects to understand text obvious, to make a various interpretation,to interpret deeply by extra explanation and to make a function of readability effective withvarious visual figures, also to helps audiences to have multilayered interpretation.

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