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논문 상세정보

慶尙右道 士林派와 선비의 본고장 함양의 얼─ 一蠹 鄭汝昌과 그 후예 및 書院을 중심으로

Sarim Party in Gyeongsang-uhdo(慶尙右道) and the Spirit of Hamyang as the Center of Sŏnbi - Focusing on Ildu Jeong, Yeo-chang(一蠹 鄭汝昌), his Successors and Seowon -

유교사상문화연구 no.58 , 2014년, pp.7 - 38   http://dx.doi.org/10.23012/tsctc..58.201412.7

There was the saying "the Yŏngnam district is the treasure house of talents and center of Sŏnbi" since the early Joseon Dynasty. Also it said that, among the localities in Yŏngnam, Andong was the best at the left side and Hamyang was the best at the right side of the Nakdong River as the center of Sŏnbi.Ildu Jeoung Yeo-chang, who was from Hamyang, is the one of 18 Wise in Korea and the Enshrinement of Confucian Scholars. This thesis studied on not only Jeong Yeo-chang but also the people and seowon of Hamyang. Jeong Yeo-chang was a excellent dutiful child, his On Good, Evil, and Heavenly Principle(善惡天理論) was the unique theory of Neo-Confucianism. This study also shed light on Sŏnbies in Jinju related with Nammyeong Cho Sik.After the middle era of Joseon Dynasty, Hamyang people were discriminated by the central government at the appointment, because of political incidents like the Gichuk-year purge in 1589, Injo Banjeong in 1623 and Musin Revolt in 1728. Therefore, the aspect of Hamyang as the center of Sŏnbi was been losing through the latter area of Joseon Dynasty. But Hamyang had produced many talented Sŏnbies and the great men who tried to overcome a national crisis constantly.The definite institution, that established and maintained the Confucian order in local area, was not Hyanggyo as national schools but Seowon. Jeong, Yeo-chang is been enshrining mainly in Namgye Seowon, that is the one of the representative Seowon in Gyeongsang-uhdo. In 1566, the name of "Namgye(蘫溪)" was bestowed by King Myeongjong.Jeong, Kyeong-un(鄭慶雲), who was from Dolbbuk Baekyeon-li Hamyang-eup, wrote 『Godaeillok(孤臺日錄)』 that is vivid record about Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. Through this record, we can figure out the situation of that time and real aspects of Sŏnbi and patriotic soldier. In the time from the end of Joseon Dynasty to the Japanese Colonial Period Lee Byeong-heon(李炳憲), from Songpyeong-li Byeonggok-myeon Hamyang-gun, was the person who accepted The Confucianism Movement and the study of Confucian classics by Gong Yang School that was led by Kang Yuwei(康有爲) in the end of Qing daynasty.

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