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논문 상세정보

호적자료를 통해 본 조선후기 한량의 존재양상

The Presence Aspect of Hanryang Through the Family Registers

사림 no.51 , 2015년, pp.63 - 99  

In the late 17 century, it was defined that Hanryangs(閑良) were Yangban’s offsprings who were preparing for the military examination(武科). That was reflected in household register of the Chosun dynasty, which was made to control the people during the pre-modern era. However, Hanryang was the term to designate diverse classes from the late Koryo and the early Chosun dynasty(麗末鮮初). Hanryang could be retired officials or their offsprings, or could be an idiomatic word designated certain class of the public until Hanryang had its legal statue. Even during the late Chosun dynasty, both Hanryang from the national regulation and Hanryang Which was used throughout society were existed at the same time. In the earlier studies, Hanryang was understood as one of the middle classes, so it was assumed semi-yangban, and it was thought as the position which people sought to move onto the upper classes. This research tendency basically had an intention to clear up the period when it was end of the Caste system collapse and dissolution and the researchers understood the position as a class. Indeed, when you look through the historical resources published in the late Chosun dynasty, it was conflictingly described that Hanryangs were the students who were preparing for the military examination while the other Hanryangs were living idle with no jobs. So it is really hard to define Hanryang. Hanryang therefore should be analyzed from the national documents including family registers rather be analyzed in terms of classes like earlier studies. Because the opinions arguing that the position was the class is criticized and earlier studies that used time sequential research of the individuals and families from the family registers are being criticized. In this paper, I can help you understand historical Hanrang by analyzing it from governmental regulation. Also you can understand family registers and positions in late Chosun dynasty through distinctiveness and universality of Hanryang better. For this, I explained various characteristics of Hanryang, that is, who were preparing for the military examination, who were appointed as military occupations, and who became Hanryang to meet local finance and administration.

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