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논문 상세정보

‘보조 텍스트’의 기능과 의의(I) - 샤토브리앙의 1826년본 『여정』 을 중심으로

The role and importance of the ‘textes accompagnateurs’(I) on the Itinéraire Ladvocat edition of Chateaubriand

외국문학연구 no.57 , 2015년, pp.369 - 394  
이순희, 김미경

The ‘textes accompagnateurs’ occupy a significant place in the work of Chateaubriand. For the most part, they are the fruits of revision, we can not neglect them. These texts, which draws us attention, it is the ‘textes accompagnateurs’ in Ladvocat edition in which all the writings of Chateaubriand are reworked and arranged. Our study is started with the question of the fickleness of the ‘textes accompagnateurs’. And we discuss in particular on the Itinéraire of Ladvocat edition. Among the five critical editions we looked more closely, three did not reproduce the texts that adorn the start of the Itinéraire. This is probably fot not to charge and ‘dépoliticiser’ the work that publishers have not taken these texts. However, we must trace the intention of the author in the arrangement of these ‘textes accompagnateurs’ for Itinéraire 1826. In the journey to Greece, it was not only a question of literary pilgrimage, there were also descriptions of inert Greece under the Turkish yoke without showing the will to resist. But Greece in 1826 was not that of 1806. It took burn in memory those Greeks who rose to risk their lives for their independence and led a bloody struggle against the Ottoman Empire. It was for Chateaubriand to fulfill the duties towards the mother of civilization, and its agency texts relating to the Greek cause at the entrance of Itinéraire 1826 as the vestibule of a Greek building.

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