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논문 상세정보

구글 플러스를 활용한 대학 영어과 수업에 대한학습자 인식 조사 연구

A case study of learners’ perspectives toward college English classes utilizing Google Plus

영어교과교육 v.14 no.1 , 2015년, pp.83 - 102   http://dx.doi.org/10.18649/jkees.2015.14.1.83

The ultimate goal of this case study is to illuminate the aspects of Google Plus as a communication tool within the group project in EFL class. A total of 46 college students participated in the present study. They were divided into 11 groups for their final project. Throughout the semester, they were encouraged to communicate using Google Plus. Also, their online discussions were conducted in English. The participants were given opportunities to experience video chatting as well. In terms of data collection procedure, the researcher attempted to attain the credibility of the present study by collecting data from diverse sources. According to the results, the participants perceived Google Plus as an useful tool. However, some participants responded that they felt less comfortable with Google Plus because of its unpopularity. The strong functional asset of Google Plus was a video chatting function. The participants perceived this function as a useful and effective tool in learning and teaching English speaking and writing. Concerning the learners’ perceptions toward English chatting using Google Plus, they perceived it as a fresh and useful learning experience. In order to improve learners’ writing proficiency, however, the participants recommended teacher’s constant feedback in learners’ English online chatting scripts.

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