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솔 벨로우의 소설에 나타난 에피파니 현상들

The Epiphanies in Saul Bellow's Novels

영어영문학 v.20 no.1 , 2015년, pp.135 - 157  

Bellow's protagonists move from isolation to accommodation. In these course of the transformation, they experience epiphanies. For instance, at the moment when Joseph read "the mainspring of early life" and "the regular occurrence of external phenomena" in Goethe's Poetry and Life, he has an intense feeling that "a form of grace" visits him, and while seeing a charwoman Marie cleaning the windows he grasps "a notion of center, of balance, of order." Moreover, he witnesses "an enormous sunset, a smashing of gaudy colours, apocalyptic reds and purples such as must have appeared on the punished bodies of great saints, blues heavy and rich."Augie is suddenly visited by the moment of enlightenment "the axial lines of life" in the form of satori. When he lied on the couch the axial lines of life penetrate him, with trembling. Wilhem feels a sensation of love rising up even from the persons who appear to be grotesque and imperfect. At this moment, the image of truth approaching to Whilhem is the blaze of love burning up in his breast and the figure of human being who becomes one united by the blaze of love. Henderson meets Queen Willatale, and then he has a foreboding of a sensation of liberation in which his gums are hurting sharply, and with this, all his difficult, worried, threatening arrogance appeared to fade from him. Such Henderson's experience lead to pink colored mystic one of life, which appeared at the moment of revelation when he was young. In the early morning of the next day when he met Willatale, he has such a pink-coloured experience. At that moment, he has a feeling that the whole world is shaking under his feet and that the world itself gives a green signal to him. This experience appears as a form of sun beams reflected on the wall. Herzog experiences epiphany as the forms of oneness with nature and the enlightenment. First, on his way to Vineyard Haven he experiences oneness with beautiful nature at Woods Holes. The experience with oneness with nature at Wood Hole lead to the one with nature "within the wholeness of God", in other words "the ultimate enlightenment" when he returns to Ludeyville. Gradually the moment of liberation and deliverance comes close to him. At last walking in path untrodden he experiences spiritual exaltation. In conclusion, the experience of epiphanies in Bellow's novels assumes two types of form. The one is the experience of a feeling of and penetration into the permanence in daily objects. The other is the experience of "intensity and a holy feeling" at the moment of enlightenment, in the oneness with the nature.

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