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논문 상세정보

빅터 프랭클의 삶의 의미론과 도덕교육적 함의

Viktor E. Frankl's Meaning of Life and Its Implications for Moral Education

도덕윤리과교육 no.46 , 2015년, pp.257 - 280   http://dx.doi.org/10.18338/kojmee.2015..46.257

Viktor E. Frankle stresses that if people know the meaning of life, they can overcome any pain or failure. Viktor E. Frankle who regarded human beings as an existence in pursuit of meaning suggested creative value, experiential value and attitudinal value as the meaning of life. Among them, the attitudinal value is an attempt to interpretate pain in a new way, which is the core of Viktor E. Frankle's meaning of life. Viktor E. Frankle's meaning of life provides a positive meaning of pain for youths and helps them to enhance their characters. Given that moral education pays attention to mental health and treatment in recent, Viktor E. Frankle's discussion over meaning of life is useful for moral education in terms of its contents and methods. In respect of its contents, it provides a paradoxical paradigm to discover meaning of life from pain. In respect of method, it allows moral counseling which helps youths solve moral issues autonomously to use self-transcending methods such as paradoxical intention or reflection removal method. In addition, it may be a good subject in logo-therapy in which youths can identify their pains and struggles in movies or literature and further treat them through active writing.

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