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논문 상세정보

신자유주의와 행정, 그 문제와 극복방안: 하버마스의 사회이론을 중심으로

Neoliberalism and Public Administration, Problem and Solution : The Social Theory of Habermas

현대사회와 행정 v.25 no.1 , 2015년, pp.193 - 220  

Neo-liberalism is characterized by, unlike classical liberalism, a complex of the market and government. So the role and the status of public administration in neo-liberal social system is essential. Neo-liberalism has rapidly spread all over the world since 1980s. In most nations, government systems have changed into neo-liberal one. the acdemic field of public administration also has devoted to propagate the tenet of neo-liberalism. It became almost a ‘natural order’. But recently a series of incidents such as 2008 financial crisis and global depression etc. made neo-liberalism discreditable. negative effects of neo-liberalism such as rich-poor gap, decline of job opportunity, economic crisis etc. brought about global protests. Critics and reflects on neo-liberalism began rise everywhere which includes public administration. In this study I would like to consider the meaning and alternatives of neo-liberalism in public administration. firstly I'll introduce the interpretation of Habermas on the neo-liberalism which appears as domination and legitimacy crisis. secondly I debate the characteristics of deliberative democracy which Habermas suggested as an alternative of neo-liberal system. thirdly I’ll review the meaning and reality of deliberative democracy. In Habermas thought, neo-liberal society is characterized by accumulation crisis of post-capitalism, legitimacy crisis which is brought about by market-side effort of the state, colonialization of life-world, and domination of instrumental reason etc. He intends to surmount neo-liberalism by restoration of public sphere which is based on communicative rationality. This is his theory of deliberative democracy. It confront neo-liberalism in many aspects such as publicness, procedural democracy, constitutionalism, variety, life politics.

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