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논문 상세정보

세종대왕의 효제(孝悌)에 관한 연구

A Study on the Filial Piety and Brotherly Love of King Sejong the Great

유교사상문화연구 no.59 , 2015년, pp.7 - 41   http://dx.doi.org/10.23012/tsctc..59.201503.7

This paper is King Sejong(Leedoo-李裪, 1397〜1450) of filial piety, brotherhood, and about having taken stock of it. Filial piety and virtue of close to the Joseon Dynasty, early due to relative difficulty of the Princes did not be practical.King Taejong was Prince Yangnyeong suddenly deposed the country in the 1418 years. And Choongnyung(忠寧-King Sejong's prince days name) great force of creating a new crown prince in his third son, he was. But the mother of Choongnyung was opposed to it.Nevertheless, the King Sejong did everything he could for his parents are indeed. He was politically to exclude an atmosphere where people overcame and respectful to protect the two of his brothers and lived until the end. Most importantly, they are brother and sister and brothers maintained a very good relationship with. These attitudes in Confucian culture of politics soon became engines for development.I checked with the following information in this study. First, King Sejong was early in the ‘What was most morally correct?’ considerate and so much for considering that in order to make good the effort. Second, he was the royal family and politics for stability of filial piety and brotherliness among them the value of the most treasured the fact that. Third, the morality of such, he was the need to reinforce the ability of no conflict, whilst constantly breaking up his pursuit of fact.

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