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논문 상세정보

한국의 개고기 식용문화에 관한 종교인의 의식 조사 -대순진리회 사례를 중심으로

An attitude survey of religious believers on Korean culinary culture taking canine flesh -focusing on the case of Daesoonjinrihoe-

신종교연구 v.32 no.32 , 2015년, pp.25 - 62   http://dx.doi.org/10.22245/jkanr.2015.32.32.25
정지윤, 윤기봉

In Daesoonjinrihoe where there is 145 years of historical background, the tradition of taking canine flesh has been continued up to present. The fact that this culinary culture is put under pressure as incepting a taboo food by animal protection group cannot simply be ignored as a lack of understanding on the difference of culinary culture or the problem of traditional convention. It is because the food in religion is a very effective media to check how the religious idea is practised in actual life. In this regard, this article investigates how the cultivators in Daesoonjinrihoe responds to canine flesh culinary culture, whether it is effectively observed, and which role it contributes to the identity formation in religious belief of cultivators. Summing up the overall result, we can infer the following facts from the literature research on Jeungsan's discourse. First, Jeungsan took canine flesh to console and relieve the grudges of peasants of a lower classes so that they can be treated by and among themselves as a first class people. Second, he took it to relieve the grudges of goblins who were thrown out after being sucked in by human beings. Likewise, the scope of Jeungsan's work of relieving the grievances is not confined to human beings, but can be incorporated into the universal scope, all-encompassing the spiritual realm as well as natural things. Accordingly, Jeungsan's intake of canine flesh can be understood as a symbolic act of relieving the grievances which are germane to the Reordering of the Universe as a religious act, rectifying absurdity of the previous world while opening a new fortune of the later world. Through questionnaire and interview, we have investigated how Jeungsan's intake of canine flesh is understood by the present cultivators of Daesoonjinrihoe. To cultivtors, the intake of canine flesh was understood as the peasants' food of Joseon period, which can be easily taken in the time of extreme loss of energy. Further, during the period of Wudang, it was also understood as a traditional culinary culture, especially as a health food when there needs an elbow grease in summer. Therefore, the intake of canine flesh in Daesoonjinrihoe turns out neither to have any authority, rule, nor any recommendation. With this article as a momentum, we hope to see further studies flourishing on symbolism of the culinary culture in Daesoon thought.

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