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논문 상세정보

디지털시대 건축의 퍼포먼스기반(Performance-based) 표면에 관한 연구

A Study on the Performance-based Surface of Architecture in the Digital Age

한국문화공간건축학회논문집 no.50 , 2015년, pp.140 - 149  

This study attempts to granular analysis of various performance applied to the surface, focusing on the surface of the structure that consumes a lot of energy in the building. At present, the situation with respect to the surface of the structure which we are facing is that the uniformity can be explained by the envelope based on performance evaluation. The purpose of this study is not only the pursuit of green building through the resolution of technical issues. However, rather it takes advantage of digital technology to analyze the surface as the subject considering the various architectural and cultural circumstances. In addition, to explore the new possibilities of the digital era architecture to derive a new design strategies and techniques to meet the real goal of sustainable construction. To do this, first of all, this study explores the discourse surrounding the surface through a diachronic perspective, under the premise of environment and culture cannot be separated any more research topics. Even though the surface is simply performance of buildings should be analyzed within the context of multilateral, not only the point of view of material or product or system and associated technical areas and frequently relying on basic definitions of performance is often linked to the "functional" and "technology". Therefore, this study was to analyze the performance of the surface through the two points of view in order to compensate for this problem. The main characteristics of Performance-based surface are such as expressive performance, interface surface, and responsive surface.

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