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논문 상세정보

제조기업 작업환경 개선을 위한 색채맵 시뮬레이션 서비스디자인 적용 효과

The Application Effect of Color Map Simulation Service Design for Work Environment Promotion in Manufacturing Corporations

산업디자인학연구 v.9 no.2 , 2015년, pp.51 - 60  
이경혜, 이장우

Workers in the examination department of manufacturing companies were reported to have psychological fatigability from visual fatigability than physical one, followed by higher job distresses, low job satisfaction, and high defective ratio. Test measure was developed for extracting color profile of basic database information applied in work environment. And emotion-based color psychology test measure and color guide map were developed for decreasing distresses in human resources and fraction defective ratio in manufacturing corporations. The purposes of this study were to make an application of color map simulation service system and to test the effects of its applications to production lines in a manufacturing corporate. For the usability test of color map simulation service design, the procedure has three stages of preferred color test (the 1st stage), color psychology type test (the 2nd stage), and individual information input (the 3rd stage), and the tested results are mapped as recommended color combination of actual work places. The test aimed to confirm statistically significant improvement in workers' stresses and fraction defectives between pre- & post-mapping. 11 workers examining extruded products in an automobile-part corporation were selected through simple random sampling for the test. The research found the significant productivity improvement by increasing psychological health level and lowering fraction defective ratio with the application of color map simulation service system. With these results, the study concluded that the color map simulation service design should enhance the competence of the manufacturing corporations and the realm of human resources and market-oriented knowledge industry.

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