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논문 상세정보

大覺國師 義天과 唯識章疏에 관한 一考

A Consideration on the National Teacher, Daegak Uicheon and the Commentary of Vijñaptimātratā

서지학연구 no.62 , 2015년, pp.137 - 165   http://dx.doi.org/10.17258/jib.2015..62.137

Uicheon studied the ideology of Vijñaptimātratā under the Buddhist monk Usang at Hyeonhwasa(玄化寺) before entering Song(宋) dynasty, the Buddhist monk Hyerim at Hyeonseongsa(顯聖寺) after entering Song dynasty with the education and training of Hwaeom, Cheontae, Seon, and Religious Precepts etc, based on the idea of Harmony for the thought of Vijñaptimātratā, and had a discussion on the thought of Vijñaptimātratā with a buddhist monk of Beopsangjong(法相宗), Seonyeon. Uicheon recommended that, at first, you should learn BuddhāvataṃsakanāmamahāvaipulyaSūtra which explained the thought of Yusim (only-mind), the basis of the thought of Samgyeyusik(三界唯識) to know the ideology of Vijñaptimātratā in Ganjeongseongyusikrondangwaseo(刊定成唯識論單科序), Essence(性) and Form(相) in the thoughts of Vijñaptimātratā and Hwaeom should be studied together like the sun and the moon in the sky, or the heaven and the earth of Juyeok(周易). And also, he suggested that you should study in order of the times and the thoughts the doors of Hīnayāna(小乘), 始敎, 終頓敎 and 圓融, that is, Abhidharmakośa-śāstra, the thought of Vijñaptimātratā, Gishinron(起信論), and the thought of Hwaeom. In Gangwongakgyeongbalsa(講圓覺經發辭), Uicheon said the theory of the eighth consciousness of Vijñaptimātratā in India's Mahāyāna Buddhism, one of the main thoughts of the idealogy of Vijñaptimātratā, and the theory of the eighth consciousness in the thought of Vijñaptimātratā in Idia's Mahāyāna Buddhism among the theory of the ninth consciousness that was advocated by Paramārtha in China. In such a point of view, it means that he didn't accept the theory of the ninth consciousness of Paramārtha in Seopronjong(攝論宗) which was formed in 6C, but supported the thought of Vijñaptimātratā in India's Mahāyāna Buddhism, the theory of the eighth consciousness which Hyeonjang, Gyugi of Beopsangjong which was formed in 7C, Woncheuk(圓測) of Seomyeong school(西明學派) insisted. And Uicheon said that Aśvaghoṣa, Nāgārjuna, Asaṅga, Vasubandhu were different from their schools in the divisions of the Essential-nature school, the Śūnyatā school, the Dharma character school, but in the thought of harmony, their bases were same. Also, in the Shinpyeonjejonggyojangchongrok written by Uicheon, it includes the commentary contents of a total, 1,010 chapters, 4,857 books. Among this commentary, the commentary of Vijñaptimātratā has a percentage of 8.21% to the chapters, 13.6% to the books, a total 83 chapters and 661 books. In this commentary, there are no records of commentaries on China's Jironjong(地論宗), Seopronjong, Beopsangjong, and the course of Jironjong in the Seomyeong School. In the Shinpyeonjejonggyojangchongrok, there includes the Gusikjang(九識章) which was written to advocate the theory of the ninth consciousness by Paramārtha of Seopronjong. This commentary is not coincided with the thought of Vijñaptimātratā by Uicheon. But I assume that Uicheon would include it to the contents to help students for a deep understanding on Sūtra, Abhidharma as mentioned in Daeseonwangjejonggyojangjoinso(代宣王諸宗敎藏彫印疏) with the importance of the commentary.

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