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논문 상세정보

여성주의 성폭력예방교육의 모색

Searching for the Feminist ‘Sexual Violence Prevention Education’

한국여성학 v.31 no.2 , 2015년, pp.55 - 89  

This article examines the impasse that occurs as the ‘sexuality as violence’ concept comes to have the discursive power regulating sexual violence prevention education and school sexual education, and intends to seek the possibility of the feminist sexual violence prevention education again. The feminist anti-sexual violence movement is an axis that leads the trend of education emphasizing the prevention of ‘sexuality as violence’ recently. Though anti-sexual violence movement brought forward ‘sexuality as power relations’, this was minimized to ‘sexuality as violence.’ Hence, sexual violence prevention education excluding ‘pleasure’ and focusing on damage replaces ‘chastity education’ and reinforces perception of ‘sexuality as danger outside marriage.’ Moreover, sexual violence prevention education, rather than inducing a teacher to self-examine his/her perception of sex, assumes that he/she is the ‘educator/guardian’ of/against sexual violence and simply acquaints him/her with several manualized legal and medical actions. With this, sexual violence becomes insignificant into several manualized cases. Lastly, sexual violence prevention education, is forming normative manhood and womanhood afresh representing girls and teenage women as ‘dangerous sexual beings’, adult women as maternal subject who should protect them, and teenage men for whom it is impossible to be victims of sexual violence. In this field of sexual violence prevention education, it is difficult to cover sexuality issues which require the intersectional understanding of other differentiations other than gender. Furthermore, there is also a danger that sexual violence prevention education can become a governing technology reinforcing control over the society and individual. In order to deconstruct this, Korean feminist sexuality politics should begin in earnest the discussion on sexual violence prevention education and the pedagogy of sex education. This should start from the introspection on the significance and limitation of the outcomes of Korean feminist sexual politics that has revealed the violent circumstances surrounding sexuality and redefined them in women’s situations from 1980s.

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