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논문 상세정보

변형 로그 분석 방법을 활용한 스마트폰 앱에서의 OTT서비스 시청 패턴 연구

A Study on Viewing Patterns of Smartphone OTT Service App Using Modified Log Analysis

한국언론학보 v.59 no.3 , 2015년, pp.125 - 156  

This study suggests a new method that utilizes a respondent’s smartphone as a device for tracking viewing patterns to collect respondents’ usage data in natural daily environments. The study modified an OTT service application ‘tving’ and collected log data of viewing records of eleven participants for one month, and collected GPS coordinates of viewing events that matches data to track viewing while in real time. In addition, to obtain the context and experience that cannot be read from log data, we secured in-depth interview as quality datum. The research results are as follows. First, there were differences varying from four to eight times between the degree of viewing(duration) collected from application compared to recall. Therefore, the data can be used as a cue when viewers’ recall what they watch. Second, results showed that respondents watch in all time periods by micro- coordinating viewing time via smartphone. Third, viewing while moving revealed a very short viewing pattern as smartphone users are sensitive to wireless data usage. Most viewing via tving occurred at home, and this study explained the phenomena as ‘domesticated viewing while moving’ inside the house or domicile. This study suggests a possibility of analyzing respondent viewing patterns based on microscopic media.

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