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논문 상세정보

북한이탈청소년 대안학교의 분리교육 고찰: 통합교육의 필요성을 중심으로

A Study on the Separated Education of Alternative Schools for North Korean Youth Refugees: Focused on Necessity of Integrated Education

국제이해교육연구 v.10 no.1 , 2015년, pp.135 - 176  

The purpose of this study is to analyze characteristics and factors of keeping separated education of alternative schools for North Korean youth refugees and to discuss the meaning and orientation of separated education. Consequently, integrated education should be expended in education of North Korean youth refugees and aim for education for international understanding. Institutional ethnography is used as a research method to observe educational goals of the alternative schools for North Korean youth refugees, their stance on separated education, and the process in which actors concerned in the schools are socially organized. The separated education of alternative schools for North Korean youth refugees can be classified into two types. Firstly, some schools set their own visions for integration which are religion or alternative educational value. Secondly, other schools implement separated education temporarily until their students get basic abilities to adapt to the regular school in South Korea. The separated education of alternative schools for North Korean youth refugees be kept by educational value of schools with coordination relationship of various actors. Although teachers know limits of separated education, the schools keep their way of education in order to secure constant flow of the students and stable financial support. However, North Korean youth refugees studying in the regular school with South Korean peers doesn’t mean genuine integrated education. When education is implemented based on mutual understanding of different culture and social environment, and universal value including justice, human right and peace, it can be seen as variety of students pursue desirable value of integration. Alternative schools for North Korean youth refugees and general schools should establish educational culture based on value of education for international understanding. Ultimately, diverse students should seek integrated education which can control conflict and understand each other through frequency contact in the same place.

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