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논문 상세정보

출소자 창업지원사업에 대한 평가연구: 기쁨과희망은행

An Evaluation Study of the Start-up Loans Project for Released Prisoners : The Joy & Hope Bank Case

보호관찰 v.15 no.1 , 2015년, pp.79 - 120  
이백철, 윤옥경, 조극훈

This study aims to analyze the achievements and limitations of the start-up loans project for released prisoners by Joy & Hope Bankunder the Catholic Correction Apostolate Committee, as well as to seek the ways of future development of the project. The ultimate purpose of this project is to spread the evangelistic love through sharing and care and to reduce the recidivism rates. Theoretically based on the Micro-Credit, this project also intends to help released prisoners escape from poverty through attaining financial independence, which is expected to ultimately lead to a reduction of the recidivism rates. Through a questionnaire survey for the operating committee members of the bank and interviews with released prisoners, this study examines the success and failure factors of this start-up loans project for released prisoners, as well as the project’s sustainability and future development. First of all, the purpose of the Correction Apostolate Committee and the details of this project are examined and the basic concepts and information of Micro-Credit are presented. The results of the questionnaire analysis for Committee members show that, despite some trial and error in the early stage, many of them report that the overall achievements are more than expected and that the value of human dignity can be successfully represented through this project. In the ranking of factors considered when selecting the applicants suitable for the loans, the will of independence is the highest,followed by professionalism. The success factors of a start-up business include one's will and the support from family and other people. The failure factors include lack of endurance and insufficient pre-market research. On the other hand, the results of interviewing released prisoners suggest that they want the operation of Joy & Hope Bank to continue because the project provides the released prisoners the second chance for their new life. They report a lack of preparation and obsession about their comfortable lives in the past to be among the failure factors, and for future improvements, they suggest planning a business of manageable size and a more thorough preparation. The primary purpose of the unsecured loan for released prisoners is that, through financial support, they can seek economic independence and lead their lives as law-abiding citizens. Nevertheless, financial support does not necessarily lead to economic independence and sufficient rehabilitation. Therefore, in terms of future improvement plans, measures such as selecting applicants with professionalism through a systematized process(selection-education-management), reinforcing education on will of independence and humanity, and introducing business incubator for enhanced management need to be implemented.

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