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논문 상세정보

신명기의 사회적 약자 보호를 위한 제도적 장치와 그 선교적 적용에 관한 연구

A Study on the Institutional Mechanism for Protecting the Socially Marginalized People of Deuteronomy and its Application on Holistic Missions

선교와신학 no.36 , 2015년, pp.237 - 277  

Until now, world mission has not derived desirable results because of the conflict between the progressive party, which focuses on social participation, and conservatism, which is geared towards church planting and evangelism. The fundamental reason for this is that there was no defined concept which could bind together and integrate their different ideas toward missions. However, fortunately, after the Losanne Covenant in 1977, both parties perceived that social participation and proclaiming the Gospel should go together in missions, and they have started to recognize them as a partnership, that they could establish a new mission paradigm in the form of holistic and wholistic missions. The term holistic mission is a fairly wide concept which combines social participation and evangelism based on Jesus’s teaching and ministry in the New Testament.Before this holistic missions concept was formed, not only did world missions not recognize the importance of social participation, but it also encountered constant and unnecessary problems, as it did not formulate a biblical framework through which both parties could sympathize with each other. After the Losannne Covenant, however, both parties were able to walk together with a holistic or wholistic concept of missions.This holistic concept, which makes wholistic missions possible, is widely described in the Pentateuch, especially in Deuteronomy. What we have to bear in mind is that Deuteronomy not only includes many ideas and institutional instruments to protect the socially marginalized, but it also prepares comprehensive and systematic regulations for them.As we mentioned above, Deuteronomy has various and perfect social rules to protect the needy, such as rules on tithes, special care for the poor, benevolence and behavior toward the poor, the year of cancelling debts, freeing servants, the right judge, cities of refuge, marrying a captive woman, the right of the unloving firstborn son, marriage violation, slave taken refuge, charging interest, etc.In fact, these various biblical rules including the holistic missions concept surely manifested in early Korean missions, evidenced by the fact that the Korean church had a great chance to achieve rapid growth as they were able to gain the heart of people through establishing schools and hospitals, providing refuge for woman, the illiteracy movement, the rural enlightenment movement, etc.Likewise, these systematic and comprehensive social rules which are based on holistic missions could be and should be applied on any mission field without limit. It is certain that as long as the holistic approach is performed on mission fields in the right way, the kingdom of God will be able to be widely and vigorously expanded.

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