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논문 상세정보

시진핑(習近平) 시기 중국의 한반도 전략 패러다임 분석

An Analysis of the Chinese Strategy Paradigm on the Korean Peninsula in Xi Jinping’s Time

평화학연구 v.16 no.3 , 2015년, pp.7 - 25   http://dx.doi.org/10.14363/kaps.2015.16.3.7

Abstract The object of this study focuses on the circumstantial changes surrounding the unification brought about bycontinuous competition between America and China throughout the 2010s, as well as the influences on Chinese strategy and policy paradigm on the Korean Peninsula. Based on this predicament, South Korea’s and China’s initiatives toward Korean unification are also analyzed. The role of China is now changing from a dictator of international politics and economics to a designer of international law and order (policy maker). As we know, China proposed the new pattern of relationship among great powers, and is seeking to cooperate with America, while trying to seize the initiative of regional order. China also proposed the “New Asia Security Concept” which emphasizes “development,”“cooperation,” and “engagement,”with the object of changing the Asian regional order from “power-related” to “system-related.” China is now trying its best to seize the initiative of regional order by conducting active diplomacy with neighboring countries, for which it proposed a“community of destiny.” The Chinese strategy has an influence on its strategy regarding the Korean Peninsula. For instance,the existing Chinese strategy on the Korean Peninsula has been passively responded to by the establishment of Sino-American relations, and is therefore trying to link Sino-South Korean relations to Sino-North Korean relations. But now, China’s new construction of neighboring orders is changing, which will further develop by dividing diplomatic relations with South and North Korea.

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