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논문 상세정보

한국 기독교의 경쟁우위: M. Porter의 다이아몬드 모형을 통한 분석

The Competitiveness of the Korean Christian Church: Based on the M. Porter’s Diamond Model

로고스경영연구 v.13 no.2 , 2015년, pp.23 - 42  
성태경, 박성근

M. Porter’s Diamond model explains why a nation become the home base of successful companies in a specific industry. Using the model, this paper explores the factors which bring the drastic growth and the strong competitiveness of the Korean church over 100 years. We found many unique determinants of the Korean church’s Diamond in terms of factor condition, demand condition, strategy, and supporting and related sectors: Hangul(the Korean own characters), education fever, and unfavorable situation(Japanese imperialism and the 6․25 War); a religious spirit and enthusiasm, decline of Buddhism and Confucianism, and the political and social situation in the demand condition; cooperative missions strategy, regional division agrement, Nevius policy, restriction of alcohol and tobacco, and church individualism and competition among churches in strategical aspect; board of foreign mission, family-focused society, medical and educational sectors, favorable political mood, foreign Koran church and mission, and high economic growth in supporting and related sectors. We also noted the interaction among the determinants of the Korean church’s Diamond. However, the number of the Korean Christians has decreased since the late of 1980s. In terms of our paper, this menas that the factors noted above do not influence positively the competitiveness of the Korean Christian church. Based on our study, therefore, a church or the Korean Christian church as a whole should invest concerns and resources in order to maintain its own sustainable growth and strong competitiveness.

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