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논문 상세정보

구시대적 지시자와 구원자적 지도자: 김성근 리더십 신드롬과 한국사회 읽기

Contextualizing Leadership Phenomenon in Baseball: Reading Korean Society with Syndrome of Kim Sung-Keun

한국스포츠사회학회지 v.28 no.2 , 2015년, pp.137 - 159   http://dx.doi.org/10.22173/jksss.2015.28.2.137
여정권, 남상우

With a premise that leadership is influenced by the socio-cultural conditions, this article analyzedthe syndrome of Kim Sung-Keun leadership that has reverberated Korean society at the societaldimension. Analyzing articles on newspapers about him, we suggested that his leadership wasrepresented as a ‘retired nagger’ when social conditions have not been formed. In other words, it isa compound of the coldheartedness as we can see in the harsh training that players go through,pursuit of uninteresting baseball that focuses only on wining the game, and even his traits as aKorean born in Japan. Since then, however, depending on the social dimension and the socioculturalchanges that have occurred in several professional baseball his leadership begins to recreate the‘savior leader’. It was a kind of syndrome. The change includes the first problem of Koreanprofessional baseball that absence of the basics and principles, social conditions that plagued by apack of relationship, and finally, the issue that do not allow players one mistake in the ‘NoRepechage society’. After all, the study concluded that the public felt fatigue on this issue werezealous about Kim Sung-keun as a representative and savior who can solve the problems.

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