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논문 상세정보

<겨울왕국>에 나타난 여성의 젠더 정체성 연구

A Study on Gender Identity of Women in “Frozen”

인문콘텐츠 no.37 , 2015년, pp.173 - 192  

This paper aims to explore gender identity of female characters through "Frozen" by Disney. Most children are exposed to diverse visual environments in the digital media age. Among various visual environments, animations tend to influence children the most significantly. Children are immersed in the image of character of animation and identify themselves through it. This is the reason why character's roles in Disney animation are very important to girls for forming their gender identity. Basically, this story is about family bonds and the importance of sacrificial love. The story in "Frozen" treats various issues about subjectivity, gender, bonds between two women characters, and the importance of sacrificial love which led by woman character. Therefore, children have opportunity to recognize new ideology on women's subjective life through this animation. Usually, traditional animations have common in the points of absolute beauty and passive feature. For example, "Snow White," "Mermaid Princess," and other typical princess are described as passive image. But women characters in "Frozen" lead the whole story through the different image in compared with that of traditional princesses. The paper tries to focus on the view of feminism by using Disney animation, "Frozen" in which the song of 'Let it go' represents women characters' subjective image. Particularly, two women characters in "Frozen" show the independence from prince or men characters. Ultimately, the paper suggests that the distorted and fixed image of gender should be changed, and seeks for new relationship of cooperation between men and women for creating better future. Also, the author succeed in describing new ideology by focusing especially on two female characters' independence from male characters.

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