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논문 상세정보

STS 관점에서 본 위험 거버넌스 모델: 위험분석과 사전주의 원칙을 중심으로

Risk Governance Models Seen from the STS Perspectives: Risk Analysis Framework and the Precautionary Principles

과학기술학연구 v.15 no.1 , 2015년, pp.279 - 323  
현재환, 홍성욱

In this paper, we continue our previous study on the differences, similarities and interfaces between the various models of scientific governance discussed in STS and those in risk governance developed by risk studies. In the previous paper we illuminated that theoretical differences among STS scholars on scientific governance and public participation goes back to the 1970s and 1980s, during which they first laid down the conceptual basis of STS. In this paper we investigate how these divergent positions among STS scholars influenced their evaluations of precautionary principle and the framework of risk analysis (especially the separation between risk assessment and risk management), which are the two main paradigms in the area of risk regulation. By doing that, this paper will show divergent positions of STS scholars on risk analysis and precautionary principle. Further, we will suggest some theoretical and practical interfaces between STS and risk governance models.

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