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논문 상세정보

부가가치 모형을 적용한 고등교육 성과 평가: 취업률 지표를 중심으로

Examining Accountability of Higher Education in South Korea: A Value-added Model

교육행정학연구 v.33 no.2 , 2015년, pp.343 - 368  

This study attempted to explore a feasibility of a value-added model of higher education, focusing on the employment rate of Korean four-year universities. The value-added model in higher education measures institutional performance taking into account a variety of inputs that a higher education institution cannot control. Using the most recent three years of data provided by Korean Higher Education Data System, Student Aid data, and SAT scores data, we fitted a multiple regression model to predict an employment rate of higher education institutions. First, the adjusted R squared informed that 45 percent of variations in the employment rate was explained by the final model containing 10 explanatory variables. Second, the effects of independent variables were not much different from the evidence from the previous literature. Third, the expected employment rate and the actual one varied a lot and the rankings based on value-added differed. In conclusion, we suggested several implications to apply a value-added model to Korean university performance evaluations. First, the performance indicator of employment rates needs elaborating to show the quality of employment. Second, we need to further include student characteristics such as high school GPAs. Third, we should construct a student-level longitudinal data encompassing high school records, student aid records, and university records to correctly model a value-added. Finally, we provided methodological limitations inherent in regression analyses in measuring a true value-added.

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