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논문 상세정보

대학 및 전공 선택에 영향을 미치는 요인 분석

A Study on the Factors that Affect College and Major Selection

한국교육 v.42 no.2 , 2015년, pp.87 - 107   http://dx.doi.org/10.22804/jke.2015.42.2.004
윤수경, 한유경, 임소현, 김화영

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to empirically analyze the factors that influence high school students in their college selection processes both in terms of majors and institutions. Design/methodology/data/approach: The authors used data from the Korean Education Longitudinal Study from the first to eighth year of its implementation and selected 1,937 students’ data for the analysis. To verify the effects of its implementation, a multinominal logit model was adopted. Findings/Results: First, a substantial number of students are unable to apply for preferred universities and majors. There is also a tendency among students to prioritize majors over institutions. Second, students with a higher level of career maturity are likely to prioritize majors over colleges or universities than those with a lower level of career maturity. Third, students majoring in the engineering, arts, and physical education are more likely to select majors and institutions they prefer compared to those students who major in the humanities and social sciences. Fourth, students' career maturity plays an important role when choosing colleges or universities more so than in student choices regarding majors. Finally, students attending two year colleges both in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas are more likely to chose their colleges because of their majors than students attending four year colleges in metropolitan areas. Value: According to this study, career maturity is an important factor when students choose a college or major. Therefore, career guidance for high school students needs to focus on students’ talents and aptitudes. In particular, since the satisfaction level of career guidance in high school is very low, it is important to seek solutions to provide effective career guidance.

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