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논문 상세정보

장자 철학에서 인식의 본질과 그 깨어남에 대한 고찰

Reflections on Essence of Cognition and Awakening in the Philosophy of Chuang-tzu

철학논총 v.81 no.3 , 2015년, pp.105 - 125  

Mechanization and technicalization contributed to that people work with no pauses toward one direction as power of ‘a society of consumption(La societe de consommation)’. People did not sense themselves trained by a symbolized desire, and became a machine. The clearest characteristic of human to be human is the potential for change. This change means the change of cognition. Chuang-tzu urged to stop an objectified and discretized cognition, and a structuralized cognition, and to turn into ‘doing nothing’, an essential cognition. ‘Doing nothing’ is a cognition that human being stands alone without leaning and stumbling over by cognizing ‘absence of ego’. Inactive judgment or verbal expression is conducted by knowing a simple reason ‘That is from this, and this is from that’, because judgment or language has no fixed true nature but coincides relatively and mutually-exclusively. A process to turn into such cognition of ‘doing nothing’ can be known through a dream story of Chuang-tzu. There are two dreams and waking up in this story. After a dream, Chuang-tzu said he is a butterfly, because he cognized pantasmagorie in an aspect of reality. He realized that he is Chuang-tzu, because he cognized pantasmagorie, an existing condition. Chuang-tzu realized by doubting whether he is Chuang-tzu or a butterfly so asking. The change of cognition can be metaphorically expressed by ‘awakening’. Requirements for ‘awakening’ are ‘having a doubt’ by realizing anxiety and fear, ‘asking’, ‘seeing’ true character, ‘stopping’ an existing cognition, and ‘getting’ to be the very thing by conviction. The point of such ‘awakening’ can be an extremely active ‘asking’. Through this, ‘intuition’ becomes feasible. Such condition with intuition is a real ‘life’, and such existence is a ‘human being’ in the strict sense of the world. We are in front of a task ‘change’ to live like a human being.

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