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논문 상세정보

Critical Discussion on Constitutionality of Same-sex Marriage in the United States

Critical Discussion on Constitutionality of Same-sex Marriage in the United States

인문사회 21 v.6 no.2 , 2015년, pp.237 - 252  

Same-sex marriage has recently become a heated topic of our society. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled same-sex marriage as constitutional, which has brought forth a significant effect on Korea as well as the United States. With such ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, people are starting to raise their voices to express that same-sex marriage is no longer illegal or wrong and should be regarded as one of natural and inherent preferences of human beings. However, there is always a sharp division of opinions into pros and cons with ethical issues. In regards to same-sex marriage, there is a group that strongly supports same-sex marriage as in the United States on the one hand, and there also is a group that shows strong opposition on the other hand. Such extremity implies that the social discourse surrounding same-sex marriage is still in a chaotic state, and accurate legal grounds and ethical values to decide whether same-sex marriage is right or wrong have not yet been clearly established. Accordingly, this paper closely analyzed precedents of the U.S Supreme Court which recently ruled same-sex marriage as constitutional and examined domestic laws related to the topic. Same-sex marriage was discussed and examined with a critical viewpoint. Lastly, intrinsic ethical values of marriage relation was reviewed from Christian perspective.

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