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논문 상세정보

클라우드 컴퓨팅 서비스와 개인정보보호

Cloud Computing Service and Personal Information Protection

토지공법연구 v.71 , 2015년, pp.297 - 312  

Changes of new information technology increases social use by making use of information more convenient while improving access possibility of information. On the other hand, side effects stemming from information technology often go so far as to social controversies beyond conflicts between interested parties. The systemic controversy structure in our society due to technology developments is relatively simple. The core is whether new legal actions are needed or not in step with technology developments. In most cases, conflict structures where positions and rights of the rightful person and subjects of benefits are threatened by technology developments. In addition, discussions that active legal actions are needed as the easiest solution for these conflicts are brought up. However, this article starts from a question if active legal actions in tune with technology developments are necessary. Researcher of this article thinks that there is a need of careful review on whether use of technology or its value is lost in the process of conflicts and legal actions for technology developments and this corresponds to our spirit of the law. In this point of view, this research examined the cloud computing service that is getting attentions recently, legal concerns and conflicts and direction of actions in terms of personal information protection mainly.

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