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논문 상세정보

1940년 전후 서정주의 시적 도정: 랭보, 릴케의 호명(呼名)과 그 의미

A Poetic Road of Seo Jeong Joo, circa 1940: A Recalling of Arthur Rimbaud and Rainer Maria Rilke and its meaning

한국시학연구 no.43 , 2015년, pp.41 - 76   http://dx.doi.org/10.15705/kopoet..43.201508.002

Around 1940 was a time of searching, where poet Seo Jeong Joo was searching for a direction in his poetry. It was necessary for him to establish his own poetic direction in the contex to internal and external realities and conditions. This study seeks to find significance and meaning of his poetry, which was expressed differently in prose and poetry, through reviewing of contradictory and conflicting consciousness of the poet at the end of Japanese colonial era. This study is characterized by comparative literature. First, severance of Charles Pierre Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud, or are action against the West and adaption into the East has been said to be a critical point of change in his works. However, over riding the disconnection, this study was based on the relevance of Western literature and analyzed a motif of his works from vagabondage of Arthur Rimbaud, and runway from home of Rainer Maria Rilke. Second, the procedure of acceptance of Rainer Maria Rilke by SeoJeongJoo was reviewed by the text of Seo Jeong Joo and Rainer Maria Rilke along with the comparison of Japanese literary magazine at that time,『Four seasons』. Third, 'experience', which was mentioned frequently by Seo Jeong Joo, Park Young Cheol, and Rainer Maria Rilke, was used extensively to understand his poetic world in relation to Poetics in this study. The theory of 'experience' of Rainer Maria Rilke made its debut in the works of Seo Jeong Joo in the 1950s, but Seo Jeong Joo had already focused on the 'experience' earlier than that in his life and works. They were antagonistic elements with reality as well as main drivers of the poet imagination. This paper discussed both, reality that experience arouses and riddance of historicity in which history and purity conjure. It is because this study considers Seo Jeong Joo's recalling of Charles Pierre Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, and Rainer Maria Rilke as ‘experience’. Fourth, although「The Story of Poetry-mainly ballade about people」of Seo Jeong Joo is not the article consistent with the exquisite logic, it shows his thought and logical knowledge at that time while proving he had been seeking his own way. This paper analyzed why SeoJeongJoo led to pure poetry in the early 1940s, and what made his pure poetry lose its historicity by researching proses for its meaning incomparison with the works of contemporary writers and philosophers.

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