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논문 상세정보

아름다운 시와 추한 산문 그리고 소설

Beautiful Poetry, Ugly Proses and Novels

대동철학 no.72 , 2015년, pp.119 - 141  

The purpose of this thesis is to reconstruct the literature part of Hegel's art philosophy from the relationship between beauty and ugliness. The reason why Hegel's description is multi-layered and difficult to understand is that his interests move in and out of the whole art and the condition of world. We have to keep his huge interests in mind, but should not get lost in his interests. The researcher pays attention to beautiful poetry, ugly proses and novels to reconstruct Hegel's philosophy from the relationship between beauty and ugliness by dividing his huge interests into literature and non-literal thing which are connected each other. In art, beautiful poetry is what should be aimed at, but what should be sublated. Ugly prose is what should be sublated, but what can be a nutritive element for a new art form. A novel is a new art form of reconciliation that makes sublated prose a nutritive element. To demonstrate this, first, the researcher suggested differences between poetry and prose, assuming both literatures that have presentation as reality(2) can either beautiful poetry or ugly prose. Second, the researcher proves status and signification of beauty and ugliness in hegel's art philosophy(3). Third, the researcher asserts that after beautiful poetry is collapsed, a new art form of reconciliation emerges. Through demonstration, the researcher asserts that Hegel thought an ugly art or ugly prose as nutritive element against the interpretation that he was thought to believe an ugly art or a romantic art form as collapsed before the end.

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