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논문 상세정보

지방자치단체장과 교육감의 연계·협력 방안

The plan for link and cooperation between heads of local government and educational superintendent

법과정책연구 v.15 no.3 , 2015년, pp.911 - 942   http://dx.doi.org/10.17926/kaolp.2015.15.3.911

In this paper, reviewed what is the best plan for link and cooperation between Heads of Local Government (City and Province) and educational superintendent, which is mentioned as one of the most important topics in the debate of the government system. The policy measures to promote the linkage and cooperation of the superintendent and the heads of local government is as follows. First, the education budget that relies excessively by the central government measures aimed at can be obtained from local authorities, it should actually be done so that education, including consideration of regional particularities. Second, expanding the mutual cooperation and support of local councils, the Superintendent and the heads of local government (City and Province)city, the development of ways to impose their own political responsibility for the education of local self-government should be discussed. Third, the system improvement is required in the direction that can meet the needs of public service and education goals of education with regard to qualifications of the superintendent of education and legislators(lawmakers City Assembly Education Committee) to enhance the efficiency and accountability of local education administration and finance. Fourth, when to utilize the functionality of local education administration councils currently operating, it is necessary to enable the local education municipality. while enhancing the cooperation between the Governor and the Chancellor's association. Fifth, there is a need also to consider ways to enable the educational cooperation officer institutions. it was implemented in 2008 but now utilizes weakened by establishing a cooperative system of the Superintendent and Administrative Lieutenant governor. Thus, when the Governor and the Chancellor discussed cooperation linked to the goal of final policy decisions, they should keep in mind that even as policy decisions are equitable and ensure the residents of the area of equal educational opportunity and education policy decisions and the student's right to education as always ensure that the participation.

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