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논문 상세정보

경상도관찰사(慶尙道觀察使) 이헌영(李永)의향약 시행과 그 성격 -19세기 후반 관찰사주현향약(州縣鄕約)의 한 사례

Hyang’yak enforced by Heon-yeoung Lee(李永), the governor of Gyeongsang Province, and its implications -With focus on a case of Juhyeon Hyang’yak in late 19th century-

인문학논총 v.39 , 2015년, pp.233 - 262  

This paper has examined the features and implications of Hyang’yak enforced in early 1890s by Heon-yeoung Lee(李永, 1837∼1908), the governor of Gyeongsang Province. Hyang’yak is a Neo-Confucian autonomous village code but was also used as a means of governance and administration by politicians. In particular, local governors in late Joseon Dynasty enforced Hyang’yak on a single village basis in their new post where Hyang’yak played its role of implementing ideological reformation policies of the state and supporting the enforcement of government ordinance. This type of Hyang’yak enforced by local governors for these purposes is referred to as Juhyeon Hyang’yak(州縣鄕約). However, not many studies have been conducted on the cases of Juhyeon Hyang’yak led by governors compared to those led by district magistrates. Against this backdrop, Hyang’yak by Heon-yeoung Lee, the governor of Gyeongsang Province will serve as an exemplary case of examining the features and implications of governor-led Juhyeon Hyang’yak.Heon-yeoung Lee, upon his inauguration as the governor of Gyeongsang Province in 1891, printed and distributed the book version of Village Code and Regulations(鄕里約法) and encouraged the enforcement of Hyang’yak. The features and implications of the then Hyang’yak can be found in ‘Jipryak(集略)’, sort of memoir during the public service of Heon-yeoung Lee. Governor Heon-yeoung Lee’s Hyang’yak was organized and run while forming an organic relationship with village hyanggyo, the Confucian temple and school, and township officials. In addition, Heon-yeoung Lee donated his own salary and public funds to promote a sustainable implementation of Hyang’yak and induced active participation in Hyang’yak through Gogang(考講), test of Confucian classics memorization and Sisang(施賞), awards ceremony. However, the enforcement of Hyang’yak did not attract consistent response and participation among villages throughout the province.

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