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논문 상세정보

공공부문 지원정책에 기초한 탈북청소년의 사회통합 모형에 관한 연구

Study on the Social Integration Model for Youth Refugees from North Korea Based on Public-sector Support Policy

청소년복지연구 v.17 no.4 , 2015년, pp.217 - 237   http://dx.doi.org/10.19034/KAYW.2015.17.4.10

The purpose of this study is to examine public-sector support policy for youth refugees from North Korea; find out the previous policies are categorized as which kind of social integration model; and explore a desirable future social integration model. To this end, it was discussed herein the idea of social integration along with the key factors affecting thereto - social integration regarding dominant value, social inclusion and social cohesion. Also, in order to characterize the social integration policies pursued by the public sector presently in South Korea, the study researched the difference exclusionary model proposed by Castles & Miller, assimilationist model, and multi-cultural model. Main findings of this study are as follows; In terms of public education, the social integration policy for youth refugees from North Korea falls under the category of assimilationist model. On the other hand, outside the public education area, the policies for youth North Korean refugees seem closer to the multi-cultural model, such as psychology consultation, adaptation supporter, social adjustment program and care coordinator schemes. However, as long as South Koreans look at these young North Korean refugees in their society with discrimination and exclusion, the difference exclusionary model is deemed to exist together. In this sense, it is deemed valid to regard the support policies for youth North Korean refugees as the mixture of all of the difference exclusionary model, assimilationist model and multi-cultural model. Based on the study findings, policy suggestions were made herein for future social integration including the youth refugees from North Korea.

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